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parent testimonials

- My son absolutely loved learning Spanish and the “cool” new words he could say!

- It has been a great experience seeing our daughter get excited about other cultures and languages!

- My son loved his Spanish Club at Brown! He learned so much this session and can’t wait for the next one. His confidence in learning and speaking Spanish is fantastic.

- We have paid for so many extra curricular events for our son and none has been as rewarding and fruitful as these Spanish classes. I love everything about this program.

- The techniques that Señora Garcia used in I Heart Spanish were very effective. Several of my children were in her class, but one of my children was too young for the class. However, my older kids taught her the songs and words they knew, so even she was singing Spanish around the house!

- I loved the Spanish classes held at Roosevelt Elementary and am very appreciative of those that took time to volunteer and make this a priority. It is paramount to embed the language and the culture at a young age because it is much easier to learn a second language when you are younger. My son really enjoyed the classes and how much "fun" they were. I look forward to continuing the next phase of activities that are planned. Thank you!

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