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Tiene Preguntas?


How can I help my child learn Spanish if I don't speak it? 

* Sign them up for Spanish class (You’re already in the right place!)

* Ask them what they learned in class

* Use free online resources  

* Practice whatever YOU know and reinforce whatever THEY know

* Travel: You can find Spanish speakers in your own community or choose a travel destination and practice there!


How do you teach classes virtually? 

We made the change to virtual in March 2020 and revamped all of our lesson plans to still be engaging and fun and we love it! We use a variety of Spanish music videos to reinforce the theme we are learning, we do hands-on activities and we give each student lots of opportunities to speak Spanish-collectively and individually. And we still get to throw in a dance party or two with our fun songs!


Is there homework?

Nope! Our goal is to spark excitement for Spanish and build their confidence in the language through natural acquisition (music, games, patterns...just like you and I learned our first language). Sometimes we'll have little assignments like decorating a flag or drawing a picture, reading a mini-book, etc.. but those activities are never mandatory. But we do love when you send us pictures of their at-home assignments!   


Will my child need to buy a book for this class? 

Our style of teaching is based on music, movement and games. You will not need to purchase textbooks or workbooks for the class. We do, however, use paper and crayons/markers quite a might want to have those on hand! 


What about headphones? 

Headphones are helpful, but not mandatory. They help cut out background noise (dogs barking, siblings playing, dishwashing, etc.) 


How can I prepare my child for class? 

We have found best success when the child has a laptop and a stable place to sit down and learn. Using a phone or a mobile device that allows them to walk around tends to distract the focus not just for them, but for the rest of the class. (and we've all seen the facebook nightmare stories of people taking the devices into the bathroom!)

I have siblings signed up for the class, can they share a device? 

That is totally up to you. Some siblings do well sharing and others do better having their own device. Whatever works for your family is great with us! 


Do I need to be sitting next to my child during class? 

You are more than welcome to sit with them and pick up some Spanish along with them, but it is not a requirement. You know your child best! If we see that they are not engaging in class, we will be sure to notify you.


Can my child eat a snack during class? 

While we are virtual, we ask that the students do not eat during class. Their mouth should be busy speaking Spanish the whole time!

What if we have to miss class? 

If your student misses class, you may email the teacher and ask what was covered in class and review it at home. Because we have limited space in each class, we are unable to accommodate make-up classes at this time.

Will you take pictures of my child? 

We use pictures from class on websites, social media and advertising. This policy is included in our registration Policy section. If you prefer them to not have pictures taken, you can choose that upon registration.


Is it too late for my child to sign up?

Classes are set up in blocks or sessions. See the registration page for start dates. If you miss registration, we would love to have you in our next session! Contact us if you have any questions.


What happens after this class?

Great question! Think of our classes as learning new material each session, not harder material each session. Because our classes are taught by themes, not by levels, this means that your child can join any session and not be behind.


How soon should I expose my child to a second language? 

Right now! It is never too early and never too late! If you are reading this right now, it is time! We find best results when parents are supportive and excited about their child learning the language. Even if you can’t speak it yourself (yet!), signing them up for the class is a gift that will reap benefits for the rest of their life. 

Do you have a question we haven't answered? Ask us HERE. 

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