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Happy Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Feliz Día de San Valentín

Holidays are a fun time to learn more about other cultures. Here are some fun facts to celebrate the holiday of love with your love of Spanish.

How do different countries celebrate this holiday?

Every country has slightly different traditions for this holiday. These are just a few of the fun traditions of a few Spanish speaking countries.

  • Peru: People normally exchange small gifts including cards, chocolates, and flowers. Instead of giving red roses though, Peruvians give orchids to their loved ones.

  • Dominican Republic/El Salvador: Children play something similar to secret santa except it is called angelito (little angel) or amigo secreto (secret friend). The children write their names on small slips of paper and then they give their gift to whatever friend’s name they draw.

  • Guatemala/Mexico: February 14 is known as the El Día del Cariño (the day of affection) and El Día del Amor y Amistad (the day of love and friendship). This day is meant to spend the day celebrating love with your friends and family, instead of just your significant other.

  • Argentina: Though often not as elaborate as celebrations in the United States, Argentinians spend the day eating delicious meals and dancing. They also have a celebration in July coined Semana de la Dulzura (Sweetness Week) when Argentinians spend the week eating sweets. Some even exchange candy for a kiss.

What are some Spanish phrases to use in your letters?

Here are some Spanish words for your valentines:

  • Besos y Abrazos...Hugs and Kisses

  • Eres Lo Maximo...You're the best

  • Te Amo Mucho... I love you very much

  • Te Adore... I adore you

  • Corazón... heart

  • Mi amor... my love

  • Mi cielo... my heaven

  • Mi vida... my life

What are some Spanish books to read this holiday?

These are some ideas for fun reads for Valentine’s Day:

  • Te amo sol, Te amo luna by Karen Pandell

  • Abrazos y besitos by Leslie Patricelli

  • Besos for Baby by Jen Arena


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